Robocraft 2 reveals new trailer alongside a playable demo

Robocraft 2

Prepare for some robot mayhem with Robocraft 2‘s new trailer.

The new trailer was revealed alongside¬†Robocraft 2‘s new demo, which will be available September 28, 2023 through the game’s Steam page.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

The future of online UGC combat is about to explode onto your screens as Robocraft 2 prepares to unleash its Next Fest Demo on Steam, setting the stage for an electrifying Early Access release in November.

A decade ago, Robocraft ignited a revolution in the UGC genre by creating a fresh new PVP experience that captivated over 16 million players. Freejam wants to recapture the magic that started ten years ago by delivering not just a run-of-the-mill sequel but enhancing the very core systems to give creators more power and players more diverse gameplay.

Create machines out of blocks, bring them to life, and then engage in epic combat online in satisfying physics-based PVP combat with futuristic weaponry! You can either download creations from others to use in battle or spend hours tinkering with your own custom designs.

An improved physics system powers the very core of Robocraft 2. All online battles will have their physics simulated server side to provide the most accurate interactions between players. You can ram, push, lift, bash, and crash into other players and it will feel natural! Push an enemy off a control point or create a devastating melee system using physics joints to smash your opponents to literal pieces as you watch their machine crumble block by block!

There are a number of new block types coming to Robocraft 2 which will provide greater engineering flair for builders. Most prominently are the physics joints like axles, servos and hinges which can be wired up to various controls to create a plethora of mechanical systems. The most advanced engineers can also make use of maths and logic blocks to create intricate logic systems that power their robocraft.

Robocraft 2 is set to release November 7, 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam Early Access).



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