Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure premieres on Netflix next month

Rilakkumas Theme Park Adventure

The upcoming Japanese stop-motion film Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will premiere worldwide on Netflix on August 25.

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure is a feature-length movie featuring the titular Rilakkuma, a mascot bear who got up to mischief in his very own show which premiered in 2019. Rilakkuma lives with a normal woman named Kaoru after he suddenly showed up one day, he spends his days lounging around, eating dumplings, and overall getting into mischief.

Rilakkuma is a soft toy bear who showed up one day to live with a young woman named Kaoru. It spends its days lounging around the apartment. Although there is a zipper on its back, what is inside is a mystery. Rilakkuma loves pancakes, rice omelets, custard pudding and “dango” rice dumplings. Its friends are Kaoru’s pet bird Kiiroitori and a small white bear cub named Korilakkuma who also showed up out of the blue.

Source: MyAnimeList

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure premieres on August 25. The original series is available on Netflix.

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