Roguelike tower defense Riftbound gets second free expansion

Riftbound Demonlore

Riftbound‘s newly announced second expansion, Demonlore, brings new characters, mini-bosses, and unique runs.

Riftbound is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). The game’s free update can be tested right now on a public test branch of the game, but has no announced release date.

You can view the announcement below:

Featured as part of Melbourne International Games Week on Steam, Barrel Smash Studios is planning a second free expansion for Riftbound, taking the latest strategy rogue-lite game mode to the next level. The feature packed expansion introduces characters, a multi-run system, new consumable system and “Infernals”, a new type of Mini-Boss enemy.

With 6 characters planned, and 10 separate runs, plus a range of Mini-Boss type enemies, no playthrough is ever the same.

Choose your starting character, perks and Elemental mastery, then enter one of the runs (which are varying length). Build your deck of spells and upgrades, and hoard your consumables for the new mini-boss fights. Visit the new Moonlight Market and enhance your units through a new Veterancy system to explode the enemy army with new bone-shattering critical damage.

“Our first expansion ‘Summoner’s Path’ introduced the rogue-lite mode, and this was very well received”, said James Thomas, Riftbound game director and co-founder of Barrel Smash Studios. “Feedback from our Discord community and content creators showed us that there was room to take the rogue-lite mode to the next level, and give incredible value to our players. We decided to shape that feedback in the form of a new, free, expansion.”


  • Character system: Choose from different characters, each with unique starter kits.
  • “Infernal” Mini-boss enemies: The “Infernals” have entered the battle: tough new enemies that relentlessly move down the lane to crush your defences.
  • Unit Veterancy: Units now gain veterancy between waves, allowing you to choose how they improve. Level them high enough to obtain their special attack!
  • New run system: Choose between 10 runs of different lengths (2, 3 or 4 stages) and different themes with enemies, modifiers and mutators.
  • Consumables bag: Visit the Moonlight Market and stock up, you will need a bag full of consumables to take on difficult battles and new Infernal enemies.
  • Evolution modes: A completely new way to play: summon high tier units directly into the battle in “Summon” mode, changing how you approach your strategy, and your battles.


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