Sci-fi tower defense game No Creeps Were Harmed launches via early access

No Creeps Were Harmed

The love letter to the tower defense genre, No Creeps Were Harmed, is now available on Steam.

Here’s a brief blurb on the game, plus a new trailer:

Ready to make a mess? No Creeps Were Harmed TD, the strategic tower defense game from Developer MinMax Games, has officially launched into Steam Early Access. Obliterate an endless swarm of ever-evolving creeps in the most mechanically complex tower defense game found across the genre.

Strategically control the field of massive 3D maps with fully simulated ballistics to help destroy the ever-evolving enemies. Harness the power of dozens of fully upgradable and programmable turrets, as well as a range of abilities that will annihilate anything in the creeps’ paths. Whether solo or with a friend, devise calamitous mazes and splat the creeps in a glorious, messy fashion!

No Creeps Were Harmed strikes a keen balance of both deep strategy and an approachable arcade experience.

No Creeps Were Harmed is now available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).



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