VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable Review

VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable

Call me crazy, but I’m not really sure how to say a lot about the VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable. I also rarely cover Kickstarters, preferring to have something in my hand before giving money.

Thankfully in this case, VonmÄhlen already released a previously successful Kickstarter for their High Five charging cable, so when the chance to review the High Six came up, I felt like it was worth taking a look at.

VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable
Developer: VonmÄhlen
Price: $24.00 USD (Kickstarter)

VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable

VonmÄhlen’s new High Six charging cable manages to give you multiple options in one little keychain. It saves both packing space and your ass when you’re out, and someone needs a cable that you might not normally carry. It’s just large enough to notice it being on your key ring, but just small enough to not feel intrusive.

The cable fits snugly within a metal ring carrier, that also has a notch cut out so it can be used as a bottle opener when it’s not housing the High Six charging cable. The housing is light weight, but sturdy enough to feel like it’ll be able to withstand being sat on or crushed against something in a backpack or purse.

One thing I didn’t like was that the charging cable doesn’t come with the simple metal ring shown in all of the promotional photos. A minor gripe, but for the cost it really should have been included.

VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable

The cable itself is coated in a soft thick rubbery plastic. It feels like it’s meant to take beating the shit out of it with minimal damage, ensuring your device charger stays functional. This is honestly refreshing, since so many charging cables have issues with fraying near the tip. That’ll be the last thing you’ll have to worry about with the High Six.

High Six touts being a Six-in-One charging cable, that allows you to go from USB-A to USB-C, USB-A to Lightning, USB-A to Micro USB, USB-C to Lightning, USB-C to Micro USB, and finally USB-C to USB-C. This is accomplished by swapping out the tips on the end of the cable. Removing either tip changes one side to USB-C, while removing both tips allows for USB-C to USB-C charging.

I’m actually a huge fan of their Lightning/Micro USB cable tip – it’s hidden so well I had to actually ask them about it. I couldn’t see the small notch cut in the end of the Lightning port, which allows the Micro USB charge. While I do wish it had some sort of an indicator on the lower part of the tip to designate which end is up, it’s not a deal breaker.

The cable folds nicely, and is held together with tiny little magnets. These also double as a place to rest either of the tips while they’re not in use. It’s not a super strong magnet, but it’s sufficient as long as nothing bumps the cable too hard. The biggest benefit of the magnets is really keeping the cable folded, so it can stay in the carrying ring.

VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable

I love the High Six; but can’t help but wonder if there are slightly better modifications that could have been made to make it slightly better. The cable is about three inches long with adapters on each end, but just slightly over two inches if you’re using the USB-C to USB-C connection. This makes an already short cable even shorter.

That said, it’s innovative, and that’s worth throwing a few bucks at. The High-Six is gonna appeal to minimalists in a big way. Tiny, sleek, rugged, and incredibly useful. Add it to your keys and be a lifesaver at three in the morning.

The VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable is currently counting down its final hours over on Kickstarter, which can be backed for just under $24 USD (€21 EUR).

The VonmÄhlen High Six Fast Charging Cable was reviewed using a review unit provided by VonmÄhlen. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.


The Verdict: 8.5

The Good

  • Multiple tips allow for the most common connectors with one small cable
  • The housing is sleek and looks great
  • The cable stays in the housing well
  • Quick charge compatible
  • Free bottle opener, bro

The Bad

  • No keyring included
  • Cable is just a bit too snug and can sometimes be difficult to remove
  • It's pricey for such a short cable


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