The Super Mario Bros. Movie Hot Sauce by TRUFF Review

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

You would never think of it, but truffles and hot sauce go together like plumbers and tanukis. The TRUFF hot sauce company figured this out in 2017 and has been crafting gourmet hot sauce since. TRUFF has developed various flavors and different levels of intensity over the years, but they all share a signature infusion of truffles.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie turned out to be a massive success. Given the mushroom synergy between TRUFF and the Mushroom Kingdom, it makes a lot of sense for the two entities to have some cross-promotion. Their forces combined have led to The Super Mario Bros. Movie Collectible Pack; a whimsical pack-in of three truffle hot sauces with Super Mario iconography.

You don’t need to be a gourmand to appreciate truffles and maybe these hot sauces can introduce you to what makes them enjoyable. What goes best with these Super Mario-inspired TRUFF hot sauces? What flavors are included? Find out in TRUFF’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie Collectible Pack review!

TRUFF The Super Mario Bros. Movie Collectible Pack
Manufacturer: TRUFF
MSRP: $69.99

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Collectible Pack comes in a handsome hardbound container with a Super Mario Bros. Movie sleeve that comes off. It opens easily and like unearthing the contents of the Ark of the Covenant, you will bask in the intense glory of three distinct flavors; Toad,  Super Mario, and Princess Peach. Each bottle is snuggly packed into a foam mold that keeps them in place no matter what.

Each color-coded bottle comes capped with TRUFF’s signature geometric bottle cap. It’s sturdy and tightly fitted to prevent leakage and the polygonal design ensures a firm grip when unscrewing. When opened, the fragrant aroma of truffles can be smelled.

Each of the sauce’s consistency flows slowly, yet fluidly from the bottle without a large splash. Just the right amount seemingly always comes out, guaranteeing perfect flavor balance. The glass bottles are thick and weighty and have the density of Poseidon’s trident- as if you are ruling over the ocean of piquancy that will soon adorn food like waves splashing on a beach.

What does TRUFF’s recipe taste like on its own? The Toad and Mario varieties are both infused with black truffle, with Mario being a hotter variant. Amidst the smoky, savory, and hints of sweetness from agave; a musky aftertaste with hints of oak electrifies the tastebuds.

You can almost taste the environment where the black truffles were farmed in either Toad or Super Mario sauces. The body of the sauce is dense and the hot pepper leaves a lingering heat that invigorates the soul. Seeking answers, I have flashbacks of playing Super Mario Bros. on NES in my youth. The faint memory of pixelated fireballs and lava wash over me like an awesome wave.

The white truffle (Princess Beach) flavor is the milder hot sauce of the trio. This hot sauce has just enough kick to surprise children who are curious about hot sauce, but without making them cry. The aroma and lasting taste of sweetness from the agave is more pronounced and the earthy finish that follows in an exquisite aftertaste.

All three of the sauces in this pack are excellent and have a lot of personality. They taste great in all kinds of food. Stuffed portabello was a great mix since it tends to be juicy and the woodsy flavors go well with truffles. Eggs or omelets are a go-to choice for any of these sauces and will help start anyone’s fast-paced mornings. Fruits like mango, tangerines, or green apples also make a surprisingly tasty mixture with TRUFF flavors.

Anyone who wants to get the most out of these TRUFF sauces is going to want to splash some of these on a handcrafted hamburger, medium rare. The flavors go well together with the natural fats and juices of beef and complement Swiss or cheddar cheese. Freshly baked pizza also is an excellent match for these sauces- especially the hotter Mario sauce which brings out the finer qualities of pepperoni and sausage.

The TRUFF sauces in The Super Mario Bros. Movie Collectible Pack are also very versatile when mixing with other elements. Adding a little lime is transformative and goes great on a Baja fish taco. There are all kinds of other possibilities when combining these condiments with other ingredients like cilantro, cumin, or chopped garlic. The potential is endless for experimentation.

These sauces are winners for fans of tasty hot sauces who desire something with a bit more sophistication. These hot sauces won’t promise death or a burning stomach full of vinegar, but they will give you a good time and enhance your meal or snack.

TRUFF provided Niche Gamer The Super Mario Bros. Movie Collectible Pack sample for this review. Additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy is here. The Super Mario Bros. Movie Collectible Pack is now available via

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The Verdict: 9

The Good

  • Princess Peach's white TRUFF isn't too spicy for kids to enjoy
  • Mario's black TRUFF has a decent kick and is good on anything
  • Toad's medium spice TRUFF is just right
  • Addictive with a careful balance of sweet, savory and muskiness
  • Superb presentation and packaging

The Bad

  • If you don't like truffles, these sauces are not for you


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