Mega Modz Modified DualSense Controller Review

The idea of a modified controller isn’t exactly a new thing. I have checked out several different types of these controllers over the years, but this is the first one that I have really been happy with from a visual standpoint. Keep reading to find out why Mega Modz might not only be my new favorite controller place but also the best-modified controller manufacturer.

Mega Modz PS5 Customized Controller
Manufacturer: Mega Modz
Specs: Fully mechanical face buttons, modded stiff triggers, and fully customizable macro support
Colors: Vampire Red and Hydro-Dipped Carbon Fiber
Price: $319.99 USD (as configured)

Not long ago we got a controller from someplace called Dream Controllers, and we also anticipate a controller from a place called Dyeport in the near future. In the past, I have reviewed several different versions of the SCUF controller, and while I used to think that SCUF’s controller was superior, once the Xbox Elite controller was released, I found out exactly how generic it actually was. You see, while SCUF did have some interesting visual looks, they were not as customizable as one might have hoped. In fact, they would typically send me whatever they had already pre-constructed. I typically didn’t get to choose the color of the controller.

I know, first-world reviewer problems, but it was annoying to try and write a positive review about something that you don’t like the look of. Ordering my Mega Modz controller was super easy. I went to the website and chose what colors I wanted for each of the controller pieces, chose the types of buttons, added any modifications, and got everything added to my cart and checked out. I was able to choose the option to fully modify all mods instead of simply choosing from pre-existing Call of Duty mods. As a fighting game fan, I also opted to choose mechanical face buttons for my DualSense controller. That was a really nice touch and was very unexpected. I chose a black carbon fiber skin while also choosing shiny blood red colored highlights (they call this color Vampire Red), and I have to admit this red doesn’t photograph nearly as well compared to how good it looks in person.

It’s simply stunning to behold. If you’ve ever owned a Hyper X headset, the red roughly is the same color as the Cloud Stinger’s metal on the ear cups which is very striking. I also really like the grips on the back of the controller which make it feel really nice and snug in the hands, providing a nice firm grip in the middle of my fingers so I don’t feel like even in the most heated of moments I might drop it, which is one problem the normal DualSense has – it’s lightly textured, but also fairly satiny to the touch.

Programming the Mega Modz controller took a bit of a crash course in order to learn how to program it. Thankfully, all I really wanted was Rapid Fire and being able to do continual presses by holding the button down, and if I had it to do over again, I would have only ordered just that option because everything else for me personally was a bit overkill. It’s pretty great being able to know that I can program all sorts of cool stuff on my controller though and I can use it on any game instead of feeling locked into Call of Duty. That’s their target audience, so it makes sense, but I’m sure there are people who’d love for this site to sell mods for Fortnite and other popular shooters as well.

This thing is actually one of the coolest controllers I’ve ever owned. It’s a bit pricey at the maximum configuration, as mine ran a bit over $300 which is quite the asking price given that you could buy a Nintendo Switch for that much; though I have no idea why you even would since you could just have a dope controller for a superior console and a fantastic gaming experience. If anything, the mechanical face buttons showed me how bad I’ve gotten at fighters as I was constantly over-pressing buttons to compensate for lag trying to workshop combos in Tekken 7. Oh well, go pick up a sweet controller from Mega Modz and then go jump in the lab yourself, whether it be in preparation for Street Fighter 6 or just to get ready to handle some business in Warzone. If you don’t yet have a PlayStation 5, they also sell controllers for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller.

Mega Modz DualSense is available for purchase on their own website for a starting MSRP of $74.99 USD. This Mega Modz DualSense controller was provided by Mega Modz for the purposes of this review. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here


The Verdict: 9

The Good

  • Fantastic visual quality
  • Rear paddles feel great and don't get in the way
  • Being able to fully customize every button is super sick
  • Mods can easily be turned on and off for safe use

The Bad

  • With all the bells and whistles, the controller is quite expensive
  • Some of the options seem to be missing since I built my controller just a few weeks ago


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