Dream Controller Slytherin Xbox Controller Review

Dream Controller Harry Potter Slytherin Controller

When it comes to controllers a lot of factors can make or break the player’s experience. Does the controller feel good to hold? Are the buttons responsive and easy to press? How does the controller look? Is the controller well put together? These are just some of the many factors that impact a player’s view of a controller. These are just the standard questions when it comes to a base controller. So what do you expect when you buy a modified or graphically designed controller? Do you expect a certain art style? Do you expect the controller to feel a certain way? How much is the controller?

Harry Potter House Crest Slytherin Controller
Manufacturer: Dream Controller
Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PC
Price: $224.99 USD

We look at all these factors as we review Dream Controller’s Harry Potter House Crest Slytherin Xbox Series X Controller. For this controller review, we will be judging the controller based on just that.

Controller Feel

When it comes to controllers, the feel of the controller is probably the most important aspect. How does it fit into your hands and can you get a good grip on it? The Dream Controller feels like is a 3D-printed Xbox Series X controller, more specifically, the front and back plates are printed. Now, we could be wrong since it does have the Microsoft-style grip on the lower region and sides of the controller, but when trying to scratch the controller, the design did not come off with ease. Actually, it took a lot of force to get any of the paint off. Although the grip that we have grown accustomed to was there, it was still rough in places as if any sanding or final coating was unable to remove certain rough edges.

Since this is the base model, it is the same style as a regular Xbox Series X controller. If you like the way the Xbox controller feels then you will be fine with Dream Controller’s Xbox feel. The controller itself is a bit glossy but after using it for a few hours the gloss becomes less noticeable. Personally, I prefer an Xbox controller over a PlayStation, so the Slytherin Controller just feels right.

The controller feels sturdy and well put together but we only dropped it once accidentally so we can’t guarantee how well it will hold up after repeated dropping. Thankfully, none of the buttons got stuck while playing but we did not play anything button-smashing intensive.

Controller Visuals

Out of the four Harry Potter/Hogwarts Legacy house controllers, the Slytherin and Ravenclaw controllers are probably their best two options. The Gryffindor and Hufflepuff controller feel uninspired and rather lackluster. Dream Controller does offer other Harry Potter controllers such as a Deathly Hallows controller and a Hogwarts Design Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller. Out of these six the Hogwarts and Deathly Hollows controllers are without a doubt the superior designs.

For the four house controllers, the controller’s house logo is on the back. To be honest, this is a detail that is not necessary since most gamers will not look at the back of the controller. In all honesty, all four house controllers aren’t anything memorable. This is kind of shocking since Dream Controller does offer a variety of controller designs for the Xbox and Switch that are more visually appealing. In a way, it feels like these four were rushed due to the popularity of Hogwarts Legacy rather than an inspired design.

The controllers are supposedly Hydro dipped meaning the graphic is laid onto the controller but it doesn’t feel like it has been layered onto it. Instead, the controller feels 3D printed.

If you are considering getting a Harry Potter-themed controller, we recommend the Deathly Hollows one for the same price. Each of the Harry Potter controllers can be modded. Oddly, the modification details are not found directly on the page. You have to scroll down to the bottom and select FAQ.

Modded Controller Details

When you look at Dream Controllers FAQ page, this is what they have to say about their modded controllers.

What is their modded controller?

A modded controller is any gaming controller that gives you a distinct advantage because of added features like rapid fire, drop shot, auto run, aim assist, etc. A controller becomes modded when a special modchip is installed inside of it. The chip presses the buttons on the remote on the behalf of the user, thus enabling a gaming character to implement actions in the game with greater ease.

How do I use the modded Controller?

When you first turn your controller on, every mod is off. Once the controller is powered on and you have not activated any mods yet, it works just like a regular controller. Every single mod has a specific button combination that you must enter into the controller to toggle the desired mod on/off. Once the mod is turned on, just play like you normally would.

Is it illegal to use a modded controller?

Our modded controllers are 100% legal and undetectable.


So here is our biggest problem with this. A modded controller is perfectly fine when not playing competitive game modes. Saying that their modded controllers are completely legal is a false statement. Creating a modded controller is not illegal. Using a modded controller in competitive play can get you banned and is against many companies’ T.O.S (Terms of Service). So buying a modded controller is at your own risk.

If you want to learn more about Dream Controller, you can click here.


As someone who enjoys the Xbox controller Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter House Crest Slytherin Xbox Series X Controller was right up our alley. Our biggest issue with the controller is the overall design. All four house crests controllers feel uninspired and in fact, you can find better designs on Etsy from some very talented artists. Dream Controller does have some amazing designs for other fandoms including Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, and even Rick and Morty. Sadly, these four Harry Potter House crest designs do not surpass the regular Xbox controller varieties and cost even more.

If you are looking for a Harry Potter-inspired controller, either get the Deathly Hallows one or look elsewhere. We can not recommend the base Harry Potter House crest controller based on the visual design. The hydro-dripped visuals do not get in the way of the controller’s buttons but these designs aren’t all that amazing. Dream Controller has a bunch of other designs gamers will enjoy much more, as these aren’t ones to “ooh” and “aah” over.

Dream Controller offers numerous design choices for different controllers across different platforms. This Harry Potter House Crest Slytherin Xbox Series X Controller was configured with front and back print, and is available for a suggested MSRP of $194.99. This controller was provided for review by Dream Controllers. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

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The Verdict: 7

The Good

  • Xbox Controller is Hydro-dipped allowing for no button stick
  • Paint is difficult to get off even when trying to
  • Easy to paint on top of
  • Batteries are included
  • Graphic does not impact the controllers use

The Bad

  • The controllers visual design feels uninspired and generic
  • Controller had some rough edges either due to paint
  • back design is forgettabe


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