Max Factory Fate/Grand Order Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc Figma Review

With Fate/Extella Link having recently seen its Western launch, Niche Gamer is happy to do a 3 part figure review series on some of the fan favorite characters from the series. The Fate series has been going on for almost 15 years at this point, spanning several different genres of games and animation. Now, fans of the series can purchase the newest installment, Fate/Extella Link, and while you all can check out our review for the game, we will be reviewing figurines based around the series. Up next we have Jeanne d’Arc

Max Factory: Fate/Grand Order Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc Figma
Company: Max Factory
Release Date: March, 2018
Price: $126.00

Personally speaking, I have been a fan of the Fate series since I first saw Fate/Stay Night some years ago. I always enjoyed the alternate take on historical figures, seeing as history has always been a subject I have been interested in. Fate/Stay Night was my first foray into the series and for several years I did not know of the origins of the series, nor did I know of some of the original characters from the early novels.

I was excited when the newer series brought in Jeanne d’Arc, thinking they had taken a page from the PSP game of the same name. Joan of Arc has always been one of my favorite historical figures, and I loved the fact that Joan/Jeanne was being placed in the series.

I hadn’t realized that Jeanne was originally from Fate/Zero which came out about 12 years ago. With all that said, it really was a no-brainer for me to pick up the Jeanne d’Arc Figma to continue on this series of reviews.

As is typical with most Max Factory Figma figures, Jeanne has 14 points of articulation, more if you include the hair joints. The same issues as other Figma, especially female Figma, are the same issues collectors will have with the Jeanne d’Arc Figma.

The wrist peg joints are extremely small and can be prone to breakage if the person changing out the hands isn’t careful with the pressure they exert. However, this Figma presents an unusual set of hazards that potential buyers should be aware of.

The Jeanne Figma comes with several different extra options, the most notable of which is her iconic flag lance from the games and anime. While a very well detailed and welcomed extra, the flag has 2 different “modes,” rolled and extended.

While the rolled accessory is applied, it’s just a slightly heavier weapon accessory and shouldn’t pose much issue for display purposes. However, the unfurled option is one solid, very heavy, piece of plastic. Since the female Figma suffer from slightly weak wrist peg joints, the unfurled flag option is too heavy for the figure normally.

While it is possible to pose the figure with the flag and have it stand with the aid of the supplied base, the slightest bump will cause the figure to the topple over, or at the the very least, cause the flag to topple, putting strain on an already weak joint. Any purchaser or collector eyeing this Figma will need to be aware of this and make appropriate accommodations.

Beyond the issue with the flag, Jeanne has a more interesting style for her hair. Since her hair is in a braid, Max Factory went with a ball joint at the back of the head with another joint further down, allowing the collector to move the hair, hopefully, out of the way for any possible poses.

Unfortunately, to keep the hair symmetrical, you really only have a few options when it comes to this. Most of the time, for most poses, it won’t cause too much of an issue, but it is something else to be aware of.

Outside of those few issues, the usual superb builds that Max Factory and Figma are known for shine through brightly with Jeanne. Jeanne herself has much more detail than the Scáthach figure reviewed previously, from her armor to the weapon extras for the figure.

They even included a hilt to place in the scabbard at the figures waist, so you can put the hilt in if you choose to pose her with her flag lance, or remove it and place the drawn sword in her hands. You just can’t really have the figure posed in a “drawing” stance.

While the Jeanne d’Arc Figma is a very detailed figure and a good addition to a Fate collection, the 126 dollar price tag will probably put the average collector off from adding this to their collection. The current price point puts this figure at the most expensive one I own personally, surpassing the previous holder of that title, the Dark Magician Girl Figma.

With the price point where it’s currently at, and with the issues of the flag and hair, it’s hard to recommend this figure to any but the more serious Fate fans out there or those who, like me, just really like the Jeanne/Joan character.

The Max Factory Fate/Grand Order: Ruler / Jeanne d’Arc Figma was reviewed with funds personally provided by Niche Gamer staff and was for personal collection and review purposes. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

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The Verdict: 7.5

The Good

  • Very good detail, true to the character's anime counter-part
  • Interesting extras and accessories

The Bad

  • Very highly priced, limiting potential purchasers
  • Extremely heavy flag lance accessory, limiting posing options
  • Poor hair joints
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