First 4 Figures Alucard Statue Review

First 4 Figures Alucard Statue Review

Starting off our First 4 Figures Alucard statue review, our unit is the “Twilight Edition,” an alternate and more impressive take on their existing standard edition. The artists at First 4 Figures were already no stranger to the Castlevania franchise; having already made beautiful 1/4 scale renditions of Simon Belmont (Castlevania 1986) and Dracula as he appeared in Symphony of the Night.

First 4 Figures had also dipped their toes in the Lords of Shadow reboot territory with one a very moody piece that depicts Gabriel Belmont as he sat on his throne, when he became Dracula. The impressive detail and meticulous sculpting and delicate painting achieved to make these characters come to life is tops.

Needless to say, the designers and craftsmen at First 4 Figures are deftly talented and experienced when it comes to realizing the Castlevania characters. When it came for First 4 Figures to attempt to release a 1/4th scale Alucard, nothing could have prepared us for his majesty. Read on to find out why this rendition is mesmerizing in our First 4 Figures Alucard statue review!

Alucard (Twilight Edition)
Manufacturer: First 4 Figures
Release Date: Q1 2019
Price: $499.99 USD 

Everything about the Twilight Edition of Alucard makes a bold statement. The stately packaging safely contains a massive base, a magnetize couple of limbs (one of which wields his signature shield) and two verities of sword.

Extra contents entail an impressive art print that is inspired by the iconic illustration of Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş (aka Alucard) as rendered by long time Castlevania artist: Ayami Kojima. Her art was seemingly a major influence on the design and basis for this statue. The boys at First 4 Figures chose well and knew exactly what the fans would want.

Alucard attaches to his base with two long metallic prongs. The base is perfectly fit for these spokes and hold the son of Dracula in place very tightly. He stands very securely and confidently; unwavering even when the table supporting the statue is suddenly jostled.

While standing on his base and with the shield equipped (the heaviest accessory), Alucard weighs a little more than a staggering 14 pounds (6.46KG). He stands 21 inches (53cm); while this may seem like he is a manlet- this statue is 1/4 scale and that would equate to him being about 7 feet tall. It may not be accurate to his 5’11” stature, but who could blame him.

Alucard’s proportions are as close as a fully 3D realized version of Kojima’s art can be. He made of extremely dense resin, but the craftsmanship of the detailing could easily fool onlookers into thinking he is wearing actual leather and fabrics. Using a real chain for his cape and scabbard were brilliant touches that could have easily been sculpted to fake it.

This iteration of First 4 Figure’s Alucard is dubbed the “Twilight Edition”. That does not mean our half-vampire boy is going to sparkle- it means this depiction of the hero Symphony of the Night is based on his introduction, prior to meeting Death. This means that he is fully equipped with his best gear that is acquired much later in the game.

Alucard’s cape is modeled after the black cloak, which is known as the “Twilight Cloak”, in Symphony of the Night. Its exterior is as black as midnight and has an inside lining that is as red as blood. This mantle’s colors and textures have been faithfully realized and the way the folds and slack flutter is very convincing and is accurate to Kojima’s original illustration.

The stylized anatomy that Kojima is known for has been emulated flawlessly. The way Alucard’s hands tightly grip his weapons and cape have a palpable tension that beautifully contrasts with his relaxed stature.

Alucard’s sly expression and bedroom eyes are sure to catch the attention of any female admirer who walks by this statue. His angelic and alabaster complexion makes him otherworldly and his intense alluring yellow eyes make him feel like a predator ready to pounce.

Alucard’s waistcoat surprises with its detail; the artists managed to capture the inner lining embroidery patterns. The various textures and paints are very convincing at looking like cracked leather, metallic studs/buckles and gold trim. Antiquing done to the faux metallic parts give an impression of age and wear that could have easily been overlooked, but First 4 Figures truly went above and beyond.

Included in the Twilight Edition is two swords; one based on the practical “Alucard Sword” and the other being the ornate “Crissaegrim”. The Crissaegrim is as ostentatious and flashy as one would expect for being one of the best weapons in the game. Amusingly, Alucard’s sword is technically the “Alucart” sword since it is literally a (1/4 scale) replica.

Both blades are durable diecast metal, which is crucial for accessories that are as intricate with fine webbing and long spindly points. They feel like they wouldn’t bend or snap under duress and the magnets that hold them together are very strong and never wobble or feel loose.

Either sword is an excellent choice to display. The Crissaegrim is striking and its complex art nouveau design makes it easy to get lost in its details. Although, there is something about the simple elegance of Alucard’s sword and its understated efficiency. The basic looking blade just screams classic Castelvania and gothic ambiance.

While the swords are a lot of fun; neither of them makes a statement like Alucard’s (Alucart’s) shield. This massive buckler was also famously depicted in illustrations by Ayami Kojima and the sculpt from First 4 Figures is an exact match. The raised fur design of the wolf’s head is is as close as it possibly could get and the insane and terrifying expression is certain to command any scene.

The shield is a solid piece of dense resin that is connected to its own arm that also connects to Alucard’s shoulder socket. Once it is connected, it stays in its place as if it was solid. Despite how secured it feels, it can be removed very naturally incase Alucard is in more of a sword mood.

The sculpt and construction of this statue is very carefully considered. There are no noticeable seams that draw attention to them. The only seams that are visible are the ones that are deliberate and are meant to show how Alucard’s clothes were tailored.

This is a very handsome statue and is guaranteed to be the crown jewel to any Castlevania fan. First 4 Figures didn’t skip a single beat. Details that would escape most fans like the stud pattern, the buckles on his shirt to the arches of his boots have be replicated to an unbelievably convincing degree.

First 4 Figures Alucard (Twilight Edition) goes above and beyond being a resin statue. It is a real work of art with a lot of care and thought put into honoring a beloved character. It is utterly unique and is a masterpiece that has a real presence when displayed.

Alucard (Twilight Edition) was reviewed using a review unit provided by First 4 Figures. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here. Alucard (Twilight Edition) is now available via First 4 Figures.

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The Verdict: 10

The Good

  • A towering and meticulous sculpture based on the iconic image illustrated by Ayami Kojima
  • Unbelievably weighty and sturdy
  • Superb craftsmanship and attention to detail that breathes unlife into the son of Dracula
  • 2 diecast swords and powerfully imposing shield
  • Has a commanding presence

The Bad

  • Alucard's sword and shield are technically the Alucart sword and shield


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