Resident Evil 4 Ashley figure exposes social media hypocrisy

Resident Evil 4 Ashley figure

Yet another social media user has found something “offensive” to whine about, this time focusing on a Resident Evil 4 Ashley figure that has multiple outfits.

The Twitter user was aghast at the thought that men appreciate attractive women, as indicated by the Ashley figure’s one alternate outfit they pointed to:

The Resident Evil 4 Ashley figure is produced by SWTOYS, and is up for preorder on various hobbyist sites with a price set at $195 and a release set for Q1 2024.

Many were quick to learn that the Twitter user, like many online keyboard warriors and feminists, was a hypocrite, as the individual had adult images of Leon in their likes.

Most comments were either calling out the Twitter user’s nonsense or praising the figure’s sexiness:

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