Researchers create AI program which can create Mario levels from text prompts

Super Mario Bros AI Levels Thumbnail

Researchers from Cornell University have created an AI tool which can create a level of Super Mario Bros. for the NES with just a text prompt.

As we’re covered before, AI has become a bit of a trend between mediums such as art or text. Popular problems such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT have taken the internet by storm., albeit not without controversy.

In this case, a problem called MarioGPT can create levels of the famous video game with impressively little text required to make something functional.

Admittedly, the levels it creates given the examples shown are simple and far from some of the best works seen in Mario Maker.

However, this technology is still interesting and can have uses outside of its original intention. For example, many games such as roguelikes are known for using procedural generated maps and could benefit from this tech.

So this could be used for users to try and create their own content which can be shared instead of relying on a random number generator.

You can find the paper on this technology here. The developer goes into detail on how it works and anyone interested is encouraged to read it. It doesn’t appear that the program is publicly available as of the time of this writing.



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