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Remnant II

If you are like me, you probably do not have enough time to play everything that you want to; we all can’t be Fingal who lives, breathes, and sleeps video games. When we saw Remnant 2 on the Summer Game Fest show floor, the core gameplay looked enticing.

The core gameplay reminded us of Outriders mixed with Dark Souls. Little did I know that Remnant 2 was the sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes; sadly, this is what happens when so many games release in a single year, a game easily slips through the radar.

Nonetheless, from watching others, I was determined to try out the demo. Read on to get my first impressions on the hotly-anticipated sequel:

Remnant II

Demo Impressions

Like any game, when you first jump in there is a bit of a learning curve. For the demo, we played as a scout for the long range. Sadly, because no one else had a meeting at the time, we had no one to play with.

Thankfully, one of the development team jumped in to play through the demo with us. Since he was accustomed to the demo, he was able to run us through it.

Enemies in the game were highly detailed and horrifying to look at but satisfying to kill. The world’s environment was a delight to look at even if ominous and wretched.

If you have played a third-person shooter like Gears of War, you should be able to adapt to the game’s core mechanics. The shooting is pretty fluid but the melee within the game does feel a bit off.

As you are running around, enemies can appear out of nowhere and that resulted in me going down once.

For the demo, it really does feel like you need a squad of three to run through the game in order to truly enjoy it. If you like a challenge, then you can run through solo. The only thing that may be difficult in Remnant II is the single-player boss fights.

When trying to do the boss fight in the demo solo, we died pretty easily due to having to navigate the terrain and the environment while avoiding attacks.

The demo for Remnant II gives a good introductory point for those who have not played Remnant from the Ashes. Overall, what we saw of Remnant II was fun and polished.

The core gameplay within the demo was polished and fun but it definitely felt like it was designed for three people to play it rather than just two. Hopefully, the demo will be available for others to try within the coming month.

Remnant II releases on July 25, 2023, on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The game will cost $69.99 on launch.

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