Relic Entertainment lay off 41 employees shortly after split from Sega

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Shortly following their split from Sega just last week, Relic Entertainment have announced that they will be laying off dozens of employees.

While the number of layoffs was not given in the official announcement, a total of 41 affected employees was confirmed by producer Robyn Smale.

Their split from Sega made the company become independently run, though consider the timing and the fact that Sega laid off over 200 employees when the split occured paints a grim picture for Relic Entertainment.

In fact, just a year ago Sega laid off over 100 employees from the company. The company’s official profiles mention they had anywhere between 200-500 employees, meaning they have less than 350 employees now.

Their most recent game title was Company of Heroes 3, which launched back at the beginning of last year. As mentioned in their post during the split, they still plan on releasing update 1.6 for the game.

However considering the circumstances surrounding them currently, it remains to be seen what will happen in their future and how support for their current game will go.


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