Reiwa edition of “Let’s Go, Onmyouji!” arrives as part of Ayakashi Rumble collab

Let's Go, Onmyouji!

Let’s Go, Onmyouji!, a legendary Japanese “meme song”, had a special modern day version created as part of a collaboration with smartphone game Ayakashi Rumble.

Let’s Go, Onmyouji! is a special song that is part of the old fighting game known as Goketsuji (Power Instinct). The song is revered as it was the first video ever uploaded to Nico Nico Douga, the Japanese equivalent of YouTube.

Here’s a reupload of the old song, thankfully now in high definition:

Since then, the song has served as the inspiration of several classic otaku creations, such as Tsurupettan, and even appeared in the Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga Medley:

A revival of the original game was planned, but worries over political correctness have been serving as an obstacle.

Commemorating the 4th anniversary of smartphone gacha game Ayakashi Rumble, a collaboration with the fighting game was formed and a “Reiwa” edition of Let’s Go, Onmyouji! was created and uploaded.

Here’s a YouTube re-upload:

Due to the original video’s popularity, the new video accrued 138,215 views in about 2 days.



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