Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict Heads West in Fall 2018

Bandai Namco has announced a western release for Record of Grancrest War: Quartet of War.

The free-to-play smartphone game will launch both iOS and Android devices sometime later this year as Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict. Featured above, you can view a teaser trailer for the game.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is the new epic 3D hack-and-slash fantasy role-playing-game (RPG) based on the popular anime series, Record of Grancrest War, written by Ryo Mizuno, the acclaimed creator of the classic Record of Lodoss War series. Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is slated to launch as a free download on iOS and Android devices in fall 2018.

Originally published in 1986 as a transcript of Mizuno’s personal tabletop RPG sessions, Record of Lodoss War was eventually serialized, evolving into a series of high-fantasy light novels that has sold over 10 million copies since the first volume released in 1988. Record of Grancrest War serves as the spiritual successor to Mizuno’s original works of sword and sorcery, with Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict commemorating the 30th anniversary of its novelization.

Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict invites players to turn the tides of war and unite a divided continent via 3D, hack-and-slash combat. Each party is made up of four rotating characters from three distinct classes, each offering its own unique skills in battle: Lords, who power up their allies and summon reinforcements, Mages, who use devastating magic to quickly dispatch enemy hoards, and Artists, who can topple strong opponents with a combination of power and skill. Players can strategically switch between party members and utilize their strengths in harmony to charge their Quartet Gauge, then activate Quartet Mode to bring all four fighters into the fray simultaneously to overwhelm their foes!

In addition to giving players the opportunity to relive their favorite moments from the anime alongside characters such as Theo, Irvin, Siluca, and Aishela, Record of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict introduces both original storylines and new characters into the Grancrest universe. Players can also participate in the ongoing Faction War, teaming up with other players to lend their might to the Fantasia Union or Factory Alliance and lay siege to each other’s holdings.

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