Razer Zephyr Pro Mask Announced, Includes Voice Amplification

Razer Zephyr Pro

Razer has announced the Razer Zephyr Pro mask at CES 2022, and while it looks similar to their first “smart mask”, it has voice amplification.

While the original Razer Zephyr has basically been unavailable since its release, Razer is saying the Razer Zephyr Pro was made possible due to the “massive success” of the original smart mask. The patent-pending voice amplification is the main addition to the new mask.

There’s no word on when the Zephyr Pro is actually going to be available, but you can sign up to possibly be notified when they’re actually going to start selling the masks.

Here’s a product rundown:


Breathe freely and be heard clearly with the Razer Zephyr Pro—the next generation in our award-winning concept. Stay safe with its replaceable air filters for daily protection. Stay social with its transparent design, illumination, and voice-amplification for seamless communication. Stay sustainable with its reusable nature for long-term use.


  • VOICE AMPLIFICATION – Our patent-pending voice amplification technology ensures your speech isn’t muffled even when you’re masked up.
  • AIR PURIFICATION FILTERS WITH TWO-WAY PROTECTION – The Razer Zephyr Pro offers greater protection compared to standard disposable/cloth masks, and filters air both inhaled and exhaled to safeguard you and others around you.
  • AIR EXCHANGE CHAMBERS WITH TWO-SPEED DUAL INTAKE FANS – The chambers allow freshly filtered air to flow freely so you can breathe comfortably. For active users or those that prefer more air circulation, toggle the fans between 2 adjustable high-speed modes (4200/6200 RPM) via the multifunction button.
  • SOFT SILICONE FACE SEAL AND DUAL STRAP DESIGN – Ensures a tight seal over your mouth and nose while providing a secure, yet comfortable fit for all head sizes.

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