Razer Zephyr Face Mask Public Beta Test is Coming Soon

Razer Zephyr Face Mask Public Beta Test

Razer has been working on a face mask with RGB lighting, because what else would you need during day 515 of two weeks to flatten the curve? That mask is getting a broader demo, and the new Razer Zephyr face mask public beta test is coming soon.

Sign-ups for the Razer Zephyr face mask public beta test are now available over on the official Razer site, encouraging users that want to glow like an extra in a cyberpunk video game or movie.

Originally unveiled during CES 2021 as Project Hazel, the Zephyr is a reusable, transparent N95 grade respirator with active ventilation, as well as a wireless auto-sterilizing case – and the aforementioned RGB lighting. Razer is also planning an actual credit card with RGB lighting as well – read more about that here.

It remains unclear if the extra, somewhat ridiculous features previously announced with the mask will make it into the Razer Zephyr face mask public beta test. These include features like a Bane-style voice amplifier, rechargeable ventilators, and a low-light mode.

Since the original unveil, the Razer Zephyr has had some design changes as well – the ear loop straps have been switched out for adjustable straps that simply go around your cranium – definitely an improvement for folks that still wear glasses. The vent that goes around the chin has been shrunk down from its original style (seen above) for something more modest.

Here’s a video of the new Razer Zephyr mask in action:


It’s worth reiterating that Razer has said the Razer Zephyr is not medical-grade protection against viruses like COVID-19, and thus is not acceptable for work in high-risk areas. There’s also no pricing or release window planned yet for the mask.

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