Radirgy 2 gets new overview trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Radirgy 2

Publisher BEEP and developer RS34 have shared a new trailer for Radirgy 2 from this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Here’s a rundown on the previously announced game, plus the new trailer:

It’s been 18 years since the very first denpa-kei shoot’em up, Radirgy. This is the new and evolved, Radirgy 2!

Radirgy is a vertical shoot’em up released as an arcade title back in 2005.

Through its unique style as the “Superflat Denpa-kei Shmup”, it slowly gained its popularity along a variety of home console re-releases.

Radirgy 2 is a greatly evolved title in the latest Radirgy series, that aims reconceptualize the denpa-kei shmup.

In this game, you control the flying mech “Murasame”, and experience its evolution as you fight through the hordes of relentless enemies.

Radirgy 2 is set to launch on December 7th in Japan across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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