Quickdraw Brawl tournament bans player for liking artwork

Quickdraw Brawl

Quickdraw Brawl, a Texas-based tournament for fighting games, has banned a pro player due to them liking artwork and aggressively standing behind their harmless hobby.

According to the tournament’s Twitter account, Quickdraw Brawl is a tournament for games such as BlazBlue: Central Fiction and Melty Blood: Type Lumina:

The tournament released an announcement stating that pro player “Lunar” was banned from the event, due to their “online conduct”:

Pro player Lunar was banned from a previous fighting game tournament due to their “continuous posting of harmful content and defense of that content”.

The content in question being was artwork of characters with a young appearance/body and are sometimes underage:

The controversy comes from the fact that Lunar was attacked by the usual western individuals who falsely claim that liking the artwork is “p*doph*lia”.

When he defended himself over liking characters that don’t exist, these people responded by claiming the player made the community “unsafe”.

Lunar was also hit with constant harassment and death threats over daring to like artwork of fictional characters, a typical turn of events for the deranged west.

Lunar’s response to this banning:

Lunar has previously exposed that other tournaments ban people for having things they don’t like in their Twitter likes:

This is despite the fact that there are plenty of similar looking characters in the games that both of those tournaments host:

Even more of Quickdraw Brawl’s hypocrisy was exposed when a Twitter user revealed that the account’s likes are public:

Most comments in response to the ban were critical of the tournament:

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