Pyramid Head creator weighs in on his creation appearing in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has been a powerhouse of a video game, exploding in popularity and only seems to continue to grow with the addition of new killers and survivors.

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of Dead by Daylight’s success has been the addition of licensed characters like Leatherface or, my personal favorite slasher, The Shape.

However, one of the characters that stood out to everyone and really showed the strength of the Dead by Daylight community was the Silent Hill DLC which included Heather Mason, heroine of Silent Hill 3, and the iconic towering monster, Pyramid Head.

These were the first DLC character to really seal the deal on the strength of the Dead by Daylight formula and created an entertaining experience.

Where else can you see Laurie Strode, Ash Williams, Heather Mason, and Bill from Left 4 Dead try to out-maneuver Resident Evil’s Nemesis? Dead by Daylight is survival horror’s MUGEN.

But there is one person who has some reservations about Pyramid Head’s appearance in the title.

Masahiro Ito, the artist who created Pyramid head, as well as monster designer on the first Silent Hill trilogy has been an outspoken critic of Pyramid Head, believing his continued use has bastardized his creation.

It’s hard to argue with him, after all Pyramid Head was meant to be only used in Silent Hill 2, as the antagonist to James. The monster was meant to exist as the personification of James anger and resentment towards his wife, and therefore it does not make sense to see it appear in other games.

The success of the iconic creature design would also be its ultimate downfall it would seem, at least in Masahiro Ito’s eyes. Ito recently posted about Dead by Daylight, asking why they didn’t use the White Hunter design, rather than the Pyramid Head design.

This version of Pyramid Head was first designed for Silent Hill: Homecoming, as well as the movies that were coming out around the same time. So it would have been more appropriate to use for a cast of survivors compared to just the original Pyramid Head, who was meant to torment only James.

Masahiro Ito’s long history of dismissing the use of Pyramid Head has been well-documented, and it should not come to anyone’s surprise. In his eyes, he sees his character being ruined. Can we really blame him?



Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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