Escape room horror game Psycho Fear gets a teaser trailer

Psycho Fear

Players can now take a look into the dark and twisted world of Psycho Fear.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Dark Panda and Equinox Games are thrilled to announce a spine-tingling update for its highly anticipated escape room horror game, “Psycho Fear.”

Gamers and horror enthusiasts alike can now catch a new glimpse of the chilling world of “Psycho Fear.” The newly released teaser provides a tantalizing taste of the terror that awaits. With stunning graphics and a hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack, the teaser sets the stage for a heart-pounding journey into the unknown.

In addition to the teaser, Dark Panda and Equinox Games are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that will change the way players interact with the game, the Karma System. This innovative gameplay element responds dynamically to the choices players make throughout the game, shaping the narrative and outcomes based on their moral decisions. Gaining or losing karma points is an important gameplay of the game. The karma score influences the difficulty and modifies the ending of the game, with 3 possible endings.

Psycho Fear tests the player’s survival skills in a SAW-like death game, filled with torment and elaborate traps.

Psycho Fear is coming out at some point in 2024 for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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