PS5 Slim comparison photos, requires online activation for disc drive

PS5 Slim

Consumer getting their hands on gaming products ahead of their scheduled release is nothing new and the upcoming PS5 slim model is no exception.

There’s no official release date for PS5 Slim by itself, but there are bundles that some gamers have been fortunate to get their hands on early enough to pick one up.

One user even confirmed the rumors that its separate disc drive requires an internet connection and account login in order to use. They shared pictures of their comparison to the original PlayStation 5 on Twitter/X, but the tweets have since been deleted.

Other publications, such as VideoCardz, have reported on the news and shared the now deleted images, so they are still viewable online.

Some are concerned about the online requirement for the disc drive of the console as they have been for some games. Concerns mostly point at support for activating it might fade away in the future when the PS5 eventually meets the same fate as the PS3.

The slim models are also meant to replace the PlayStation 5’s currently available, which for the ones that do have a disc drive, have no such requirement. This is likely due to the fact that Sony are offering an optional disc drive for the digital only variant of the console.


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