Project Nimbus Brings Intense Mech Action to Kickstarter

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We’ve talked about how Project Nimbus is set to bring mecha action to the fore-front, and how the game was getting a kickstarter campaign.

Now, GameCrafterTeam have opened up the floodgates to their kickstarter campaign. They’re asking for only £6,000 British Pounds, and GameCrafterTeam are also offering a host of stretch goals.

Here are their currently confirmed stretch goals:

  • £7000 Mac Version
  • £7500 Game’s level will be completed with machinima cutscenes  To make our game come to life and breathing, we would like to make cinematic animation of various event in the game. Many Battle Frames and capital ship will be seen close up in actions. We’ll make sure that the cutscenes will not interrupt the game’s playing experience. It will be rendered using the game engine itself. With Unreal Technology, this can be done conveniently. We really want to do this.
  • £8700 Sandbox Mode  In sandbox mode, players create missions as desired, experiment with as many things as you want. The possibility in playing is unlimited. Want to see massive fleet battles? You got it. Want to see a showdown of super weapons? Sure, here it is! Want to play as grunt armies and swarm a hero mech? Here you go. The possibilities are endless.
  • £9400 – Oculus Rift Support + First Person HUD View
  • £13,000  – Survival mode, fight against alien swarm.
  • £16,000 – Extended story campaign – more side characters’ missions and more Spetnaz’s side story. (Currently, most of the missions in the story campaign are Mithril’s.) If you’d like to play as Russian guys longer, let us reach this point. To make the game more complete.
  • £20,000 – Full Cockpit view (with Oculus Rift Support)  Each BattleFrame will have different cockpit. The game will support Oculus Rift and you’ll be able to turn your head and look around like you’re really piloting that flying giant mech
  • £22,000 – Strike Packs  Each BattleFrame will be given a variety of strike packs with different armaments to choose from.

You can check out their kickstarter pitch below:

Project Nimbus is set in the latter end of the 21st century, after a world war destroyed most of the Earth’s surface. Humans are therefore no longer able survive on land, so they take to the skies. The world built in the skies is made up of three factions, each set atop a giant city that is supported by an orbital elevator.

Despite their completely dire situation, humans still managed to rebuild, carry on, and find new ways to thrive. Naturally, it didn’t take long for people to fight each other again, this time taking to the skies in their mobile battleframes.

GameCrafterTeam is a small, passionate team based out of Thailand, and they’re trying to make Project Nimbus a love letter to mecha fans. It definitely seems just that, and if you’re ready to back their project, head on over to their kickstarter page to pledge.

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