Open-world horror game Project: MIST announced

Project: MIST

Publisher Awaken Realms and developer Chicken Launcher have announced Project: MIST, a new open-world horror game.

Project: MIST is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Experience full freedom in this open world survival horror

No forced quest, no hand holding, no telling you what to do. Jump right in and enjoy the freedom of your choices while trying to survive in this new harsh environment!


  • Explore Enigmatic Island: Rusted mechs, flying whales and secrets behind the giant wall! Dive into the haunting depths of an enigmatic island where each place is a new opportunity or threat and every step lets you immerse in this environment.
  • Encounter Giant Creatures: Run away, hunt them down or simply experience in awe the giant creatures that roam the island.
  • Build and Defend Your Base: Your base is your lifeline in this merciless world. Build, fortify, and defend it against relentless threats. Craft traps, siege weapons, power mines, energy turrets and a whole array of arsenal to give yourself the upper hand in the fight for survival.
  • Power of Gravity Gun: Harness the raw power of the Gravity Gun, a game-changer in your desperate struggle to survive. It’s your best hope for turning the tide against the horrors that await you.
  • Survive Against All Odds: In this unforgiving nightmare, every decision can be a matter of life or death. Your resourcefulness, cunning, and determination are your only allies against the unrelenting terror. Farm, cook, craft special consumables, weapons of war and ammunition.
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