Popular censorship thread on PSNProfiles closed for “agenda pushing” and “hate”


A popular thread on the website PSNProfiles was closed after a moderator claimed people in it were “pushing an agenda” and “pointing hatred at groups in the community.”

The thread in question (created back in 2020) contained a list of games that had been censored and source links to various articles as proof, all sorted by year:

Messages in the thread would draw attention to games that were censored, or express contempt for the companies and people responsible for the inexcusable censorship.

However, the thread was eventually locked back in June, as the moderator provided one final absurd message:

Many readers or posters from that thread are likely to point out the moderator’s use of the word “agenda pushing.”

When censorship apologists do exactly this, they try to convince people that absurd changes to games for the sake of political correctness are actually good, or that the previous form was “offensive” and had to be changed.


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