The “everything is political” crowd blasts Last of Us’ Neil Druckmann for being political

Neil Druckmann

Neil Druckmann, the director and writer for The Last of Us 2, was attacked on Twitter by the usual westerners over his political stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Neil Druckmann, being Jewish himself, prominently expressed support for Israel:

As predicted, there were an abundance of people on Twitter that took issue with Druckmann’s stance, despite the fact that he supports the same “diversity” agenda-pushing of said individuals.

It is alleged by fans and players that Druckmann included full-on lesbian kissing in The Last of Us 2 to “spite” those opposed to character Ellie being a lesbian.

Similarly, The Last of Us 2 disallows the player from shooting certain objects:

Many naturally pointed out the hypocrisy of these critics, as they are usually the types who claim that inserting modern day “real world” politics in games (that they agree with) is “necessary”:

Druckmann eventually followed up his initial post with another:

Here are some of the many comments upset with Druckmann on the first-shown tweet, along with other miscellaneous remarks:

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