Pokemon reveal sneaker collab with shoes based on popular Pokemon


The Pokemon Company have announced a collaboration with Japanese shoe company Springle. They are working together to release a lineup of sneakers based on designs of popular pokemon.

Preorders for the shoes are available now and will last until July 24, 2023. Orders are expected to be fulfilled and shipped out to buyers by the end of the year in December.

They are designed based on pokemon such as Lucario, Umbreon, Slyveon, Milotic, Tyranitar, and Dragapult. Prices for these shoes range from 27,500JPY ($191.26) to 29,700JPY ($206.56). Sizes range from 22.5cm to 27.5cm.

The shoes are only available to order via Pokemon Center Online, however they don’t do international shipping. So, overseas fans will need to find a proxy service or otherwise be out of luck on trying to obtain these items.

Pokemon has seen massive success since the franchise’s beginnings back in 1996. The games have seen nearly half a billion sales over the past 27 years and its merchandise has certainly seen even higher levels.

The current generation of titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, are available now for Nintendo Switch. You can check out our review here! (Despite the bugs, we still recommend it!)

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