Pokemon GO hits 5 year low after Remote Raid changes

Pokemon Go Remote raid pass

Pokemon GO, the mobile game that encourages users to get out and catch Pokemon saw its worst month in over 5 years.

According to mobilegamer.biz, Niantic reported $34.7m USD in revenue for April which is down from recent months and is reportedly their lowest earnings since February 2018.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Niantic introduced new quality of life changes to make Pokemon GO easier to play while social distancing. This included increased ranges to interact with PokeStops, but also introduced the Remote Raid Pass.

The Remote Raid Pass quickly became a fan favorite item and encouraged the community to interact on a global scale. With it, players could join friends on raids from anywhere in the world. However Niantic has been slowly rolling back these pandemic quality of life changes and now fans worry the Remote Raid Pass is on the chopping block.

In a recent post, we covered how Niantic was dramatically raising the price of Remote Raid Passes, a move which prompted a customer boycott of the service. Although we can’t be sure how much loss can be attributed to the boycott, the numbers speak for themselves.



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