Pokemon gets reimagined in HD-2D style and it’s brilliant


A fan has reimagined the original Pokemon games – but in Square Enix’s signature HD-2D style.

The new reimagined takes on the classic Pokemon games are done by Dott, a pixel artist utilizing Unreal Engine 5 to legitimately nail that iconic HD-2D style.

Dott went ahead and made a bunch of shorter videos focusing on various sections of the classic games, like the original Pallet Town and even a tour through Vermillion City.

Here’s a look at both videos:

Make sure to check out Dott’s entire YouTube channel as they’re seemingly adding HD-2D Pokemon videos regularly now.

HD-2D was pioneered as a new visual style with the 2018-released JRPG Octopath Traveler, which is now available on Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Check out our review here.

The new visual style has become so popular Square Enix even trademarked it in Europe, though it remains to be seen what kind of legality they have behind trademarking an entire visual style.

The most recent HD-2D game from Square is Octopath Traveler II, which launched in February 2023 for Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. Check out our review here!

The latest mainline games in the series are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. which are available now on the Nintendo Switch. Check out our review here!

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