Massive and girthy Wailord plush will set buyers back over $400

Wailord Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center, the online (and physical) retail location for all things Pokemon has opened preorders for a massive and girthy Wailord plush that’ll cost $420 USD.

The new plush doll is roughly 1/10 scale, and for those who don’t know: Wailord is a big lad.

At approximately 47 feet long and almost 900 pounds, the real Wailord won’t fit in your home; but this 57 inch plush toy certainly will.

Big. Blue. Buddy.

Strap in for adventure on the high seas—or in your living room—and have a whale of a time with this massively massive Wailord plush! Measuring about 57 ¾ inches long, or about 1/10th the size of an actual Wailord in the Pokémon video games and animation, it makes a huge impression no matter where it goes.

  • Meaures about 57 ¾ inches (4 ¾ feet) long, about 1/10th the size of an actual Wailord
  • Soft fabric and embroidered details
  • Just the right size for huge hugs
  • Water-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region
  • Pokémon Center Original

He looks more like a hug pillow than a plush doll. Not a fan of Wailord? There’s a life size Psyduck plush at a slightly more reasonable price.

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