Life-Size Psyduck Plush Coming to the Pokemon Center

Preorders are now open for a life-size Psyduck plush doll on the official Pokemon Center store.

One of the original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region, Psyduck appeared regularly in the Indigo League arc of the Pokemon anime series. Misty, the water gym leader of Cerulean City had her own Psyduck that was accidentally caught. It had a bad habit of appearing as a gag, regularly exiting its Pokeball when she needs someone else instead.

The new product was announced in an official blog post from The Pokemon Company including the news that preorders for the life-size plush are now open.

You may have the attitude of a top Pokémon Trainer, but do you have the Pokémon? Get a feel for what it’s like to have a real Pokémon partner with this gigantic new Psyduck plush from the Pokémon Center. This Psyduck plush is a whopping 31 inches tall—or 2 feet, 7 inches tall, which is the same height as an actual Psyduck, according to the Pokédex! This perpetually confused-looking Pokémon could make a great addition to a battle team, add some flair to cosplay featuring Misty or Lucy Stevens, or just be the ultimate cuddle buddy[…]

You can find the full product description from the Pokemon Center below.

Ready to add some charming confusion to your living room, collection display, or workspace? Clutching its head in perpetual perplexity, this Psyduck Poké Plush features a jumbo 31-inch height based on the in-game Pokédex. Send it into a pretend Pokémon battle, or pose it somewhere within sight so it can keep you smiling!

  • Measures about 31 inches tall, matching Psyduck’s height in the Pokédex
  • Perpetually confused expression shows off this quirky Pokémon’s personality
  • Makes an eye-catching decoration in any room or office
  • Pokémon Center Original

The new Psyduck plush is available for preorder through July 5th. The life-size plush comes at a life-size price and will run fans $279.99 USD.

Image: Pokemon

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