Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Leak Ahead of Official Release; Battle Tower, Mythical Pokemon, and More

 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have leaked ahead of official release, revealing some of the information about the game.


The game seemingly leaked around early November, with one individual (who has since deleted the content they uploaded) getting the game ahead of the official launch. While the individual only played up to the eight gym (and ignored the game’s side content), this revealed new information about the game’s mechanics and features; as summarized by CentroLeaks.

First, it seems that the affection system from Pokemon X and Y returns; where a Pokemon that is friendlier with you may gain random bonuses in offline battles (such as curing status conditions, or enduring an attack that would knock them out). Gym Leaders shown also seem to use their Diamond and Pearl teams, rather than the slightly higher-leveled Platinum ones; though they do have different move sets.

The latter could be a notable problem, as the game also features the return of EXP Share being permanently on. This could mean while opposing trainers and Pokemon have the same teams, the EXP shared more generously among the player’s party could see them over-leveling.

This is further exacerbated by the affection system increasing EXP gain by up to a 1.2 multiplier. Pokemon also gain affection merely by being used in battle, or being in the player’s party as they walk around. However, we cannot confirm if the EXP given out is less in exchange, or if the affection system will boost EXP gain in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


The Pokemon also appear to have a different cry when they faint, rather than a lower-pitched version of their normal cry. Some Pokemon’s idle animations also appear different, evoking their sprites in Diamond and Pearl. These include Bibarel sitting upright (rather than standing on all fours) and Murkrow flying in mid-air (as oppose to walking on the ground).

As previously reported TMs are single use once again, but it seems Gym Leaders will reward players with multiple copies of their TM. This may also suggest players will find or be able to obtain multiple versions of other TMs as well. HMs have now been changed to regular TMs, having been replaced by Hidden Moves via the Poketch. Finally, players can customize the dialogue border as with past games.

UPDATE: Leakers have also claimed there is no Battle Frontier as in Pokemon Platinum, only the Battle Tower. This is based on the Battle Tower modes being shown. Further, the Pokedex only contains Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl, rather than those added in Platinum. However the Grand Underground has shown Pokemon from Platinum, as well as other games.


UPDATE 2: The game does have a National Dex, but at this time we cannot confirm if this is the full National Dex (any and all Pokemon can be transferred into the games), or if there will be a limited selection as there was in Sword and Shield. There is also a new post-game area called Ramanas Park, and it appears legendary Pokemon like Dialga can follow behind you (albeit in a diminutive form).

There is also allegedly no Distortion World area as there was in Platinum, using a smaller room inspired by it instead. That leaker also claimed there would be rematches against Gym Leaders using Pokemon with perfect stats.

Other leaks have revealed some surprising features however; namely being able to obtain Mythical Pokemon Mew and Jirachi [1, 2]. While Mew is obtained via having save data from Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee, Jirachi’s obtaining method is not yet clear. It is theorized it may come from having Sword and Shield save data; as the NPC giving Jirachi discusses Wishing Stars, and item from those games.


It is worth noting the game does seem to have several visual bugs. This includes some Pokeball release animations not playing properly. The game’s battle music seems to be a 1-1 copy of the original MIDI tracks from the DS games, right down to the same instruments. This was also heard in pre-release gameplay, and mocked online. It should be noted the overworld music and other jingles seem to be new.

Pokemon Sword and Shield also leaked ahead of the game’s official launch, and was even streamed on Twitch and completed the game before launch. This could arguably be behind some of the game’s negative reception towards animation and texture quality.

Nonetheless, those discussing the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl leaks have proposed that the game’s day 1 patch will fix some of the technical issues. It may even replace the battle music, which could be a placeholder. This is further supported by the fact the game has no intro or even background art on the title screen at this stage.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl launches November 19th on Nintendo Switch.

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