Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Trailer Reveal Hidden Moves Usable at Any Time, “Cute” Following Pokemon Return

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Amity Square

The new trailer for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl reveals Hidden Moves can be used at any time, and the return of following Pokemon.

The new trailer shows the return of the Poketch (Pokemon Watch, or possibly Pocket Watch), appearing in the top right of the screen or in full screen for its various functions. These include step counters, checking your Pokemon’s condition and bond, and item-finder.

Players will also be able to use Hidden Moves directly from the Poketch, but it seems these will not be moves your own Pokemon use. As stated on the official website and tweet; nearby wild Pokemon will perform the move for you.

This means players will not need to teach a Pokemon the Hidden Moves purely for progression or exploration (often dubbed a “HM Slave” by fans). Whether your own Pokemon that happen to know the moves will take the place of the wild Pokemon is unknown.

Bibarel is seen being used for Surf and Rock Climb, and it could argued either way that the “default” Hidden Move Pokemon would be different for every move, or that Bibarel would take multiple shifts. The Bidoof and Bibarel line is somewhat famous for being an ideal HM Slave in Diamond and Pearl. Then again, the wild Pokemon used may vary depending on where the player is.


Poffins also return; a backed foodstuff players make to feed their Pokemon. Depending on the berries used and how well the player stirs, the Pokemon various Super Contest stats such as Coolness or Toughness will raise more.

Amity Square also returns, allowing players to walk with their “cute” Pokemon. Rather than just one, up to six of the players Pokemon can run around with them. You can also cook at this time to make high-level Poffins with your partners- as oppose to via local wi-fi as with the original games.

The official website and Twitter also confirm the player can take photos with their Pokemon in the Square, as well as being able to take any Pokemon who has visited the Square out of their ball any time in the rest of the region.

Amity Square’s limitation on “cute” Pokemon meant (in Diamond and Pearl) Psyduck, Pachirisu, Drifloon, Buneary, Happiny, Clefairy, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Torchic, Shroomish, and Skitty. Platinum also included the Sinnoh starter Pokemon, and their evolutions.

On the official website, we see Buizel, Grotle (the evolution of starter Turtwig) Staravia, Staraptor, and Abomasnow following the player. The latter two are much harder to classify as a “cute” Pokemon, but it has not been outright stated any Pokemon can be taken into the Square. It could be that their prevolutions are deemed cute, and that cute Pokemon’s evolutions are permitted to follow.


Story characters from the original games also return, such a Cheryl and Riley. These NPCs briefly teamed up with the player for a short time, engaging in double battles with wild Pokemon and opposing NPCs.

Eterna City Gym and Gardenia are also shown off. It notably features the tree-maze from Diamond and Pearl, rather than the “flower clock” in Platinum. Gym Leaders do appear to use Ball Seals however.

You can find the new trailer below.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl launches November 19th on Nintendo Switch.

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