PlayStation reportedly outsells Xbox 4:1 in Europe according to regulators

PlayStation Outsells Xbox 4:1 Europe Thumbnail

Microsoft’s attempt to purchase Activision Blizzard has provided a lot of information about the dealings of Microsoft and Sony as a result of the CMA blocking the deal and the resulting appeal by Microsoft.

While the CMA may have blocked the deal for now, other regulators such as the European Commission have approved it. In their keynote speech explaining their decision, one such reason given out revealed some idea of sales figures within Europe for Xbox versus PlayStation.

They found that Xbox has a rather low market share when compared only with PlayStation. In fact, the claim Sony sells “about 4 times more PlayStations than Microsoft sells Xboxs”, speaker Margrethe Vestager said. They also note the numbers are only closer when looking at specific markets, such as shooters.

As a result of these numbers, they believed that “Microsoft would probably not shoot itself in the foot by stopping sales of Call of Duty to the much larger PlayStation player base.” This is something even the CMA agrees with, as their reasons for blocking the deal are related to cloud gaming.

Microsoft has been tightlipped on the sales of the Xbox Series consoles, and even Xbox One. Based on estimates of the PlayStation 5 selling over 11 million in Europe (per VGChartz), this would put the Xbox Series consoles at around just under 3 million.



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