Platinum Games Possibly Teasing Bayonetta 3

Platinum Games is possibly teasing Bayonetta 3, if some curious new videos are anything to go by.

Following the release of the original Bayonetta on PC (via Steam), the developer has been peeling back the development curtain on how the original game was made.

A couple developer diaries have been uploaded to the official Sega YouTube channel that delve into the game’s origins, however a quintet of videos uploaded to the Platinum Games YouTube have our attention.

All five videos come from this Japanese blog post by the developer, where the studio explains some of Bayonetta’s key English phrases, and what they could be interpreted as by way of an… “adult English lesson” for their Japanese fans.

Here are links to all five videos:

If you watch all five videos, you’ll notice that they have what could be a hidden message – they all loop three times. While this could have just been a mistake, why would it have happened on all five videos? Maybe we’re just desperately clinging to some possibility of the queen returning in her literally-explosive-heels?

Following the Bayonetta Steam release, Sega noted they have plans to “explore PC port options” with their other titles. That game’s release saw noticeably good sales, as Sega even said they were “extremely overwhelmed” by the support the title saw on PC. The publisher also put out a blatant tease for a PC release of Vanquish, yet another game from Platinum.

Could we be seeing a Bayonetta 3 reveal in the near future? It would only make sense, especially considering Platinum Games had one of their less risky endeavors (presumably as it was published+funded by Microsoft) cancelled, in the form of Scalebound.

A third Bayonetta game would not only sell lots of copies, it would do well on multiple platforms. It would be interesting to see the game be multi-platform, however, as Nintendo funded and published the second game, exclusively for the Wii U.

Would you like to see a new Bayonetta game, and on what platform(s)? Sound off in the comments below!



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