PlanetSide Arena Announced, Roadmap for PlanetSide 2 Detailed

Daybreak Game Company has just announced PlanetSide Arena, a new spinoff of the famous faction-based MMOFPS.

As the name implies, Arena will forgo the massive open continents of the main games, but will still feature huge maps with jetpacks and vehicles. Battles will support 250 vs 250, and like pretty much every game these days, there will be a Battle Royale mode. You can check out the trailer above.

PlanetSide Arena will launch on January 29th for Windows PC via Steam. Long-time PlanetSide 2 players will have a chance to participate in a closed beta a few weeks before launch, though you can guarantee your spot in the beta by preordering the game.

That doesn’t mean that PlanetSide 2 is being abandoned, however. In the initial announcement, Daybreak confirmed that PlanetSide 2 will still be getting plenty of new content in 2019, including the continent of Oshur, a new robotic faction, and technological updates to the game engine based on Arena.

Here’s a rundown of PlanetSide Arena:

Plunge into PlanetSide Arena and battle online in this massive multiplayer sci-fi arena shooter. Choose your class, fuel your jetpack, and drop into the fray on the war-torn landscape of Auraxis starting January 29, 2019.

All pre-order editions of PlanetSide Arena come with Battle Pass Season 1, which includes additional weapon types, armor sets, and blueprints to customize your playstyle. Season 1 blasts off with two major game modes:

  • Massive Clash (250 vs. 250 group battle)
  • Battle Royale (Solos and Teams of 3)

If you want to come out on top, you’ll have to go all in to rule the Arena.

Key Features:

  • Enter The Arena – Join the fight in a massive clash with 250 vs. 250 player arenas, or survive the mayhem of battle royale by yourself or with your squad. Keep your eyes ahead for new modes each Season, including Search and Destroy, Deathmatch, Global Conquest, and more.
  • Unique Classes – Traditional arena warfare leaps into the future with multiple classes and styles of play. Assault, Engineer, Combat Medic – each class features unique abilities made for you to rule the Arena.
  • Combined Arms – A broad selection of futuristic vehicles – tanks, ATVs, jetpacks, and more – goes beyond modern infantry warfare. Propel into the sky and rain death from above, or grind the competition to dust under your treads.
  • Massive Scale – Up to 500 players wage war across an immense, ravaged warzone, on a scale unrivaled by any other arena game.
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