Pikmin 1+2 removes references to gambling, gendered language

Pikmin 1+2 Localization

A fan noticed that Pikmin 1+2 included an updated localization which removed references to gambling, as well as removing several instances of gendered language.

Pikmin 1+2 is a remaster of the original Pikmin games, including the first 2 games in the series into a single collection. While it’s been known that some changes were made (such as the removal of the Duracell battery to a more generic one), these translation changes are coming to light thanks to Twitter user @Scratch_Point_Z.

Changes include the items “Gemstar Wife” and “Gemstar Husband” being altered to “Red Gemstar” and “Green Gemstar” respectively. “Adult” humor like a tomato being some kind of aphrodisiac was also watered down for the game.

You can find a more comprehensive list of the changes in the graphic below:

Pikmin 1+2 Localization

As a comparison to the original Japanese, the unofficial Pikmin wiki translates the “Hōseki Seibutsu Hitodemerarudo Mesu” (Gemstar Wife) directly as “Jewel Creature Seastar-emerald ♀” (the Venus symbol is part of the name).

Pikmin 1+2 is available to play now on Nintendo Switch.

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