Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’


Photoshop’s newest terms of service has users agree to allow Adobe access to their active projects for the purposes of “content moderation” and other various reasons.

This has caused concern among professionals, as it means Adobe would have access to projects under NDA such as logos for unannounced games or other media projects. Sam Santala, the founder of Songhorn Studios noted the language of the terms on Twitter, calling out the company’s overreach.

Tech companies are increasingly eager to supervise and spy on their users, recently Microsoft announced an AI powered product called Recall. Recall scans the screens of users, allowing them to search their past activity in common terms.

The user agreement also leaves open the possibility to train AI using user-generated content, saying they can use the content they retrieve to “improve our Services and Software“.

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