Pewdiepie calls out streamers in Japan, Johnny Somali threatens lawsuit


Pewdiepie, one of the “OGs” of YouTube has called out the recent trend of streamers traveling abroad only to create problems and disrespect locals.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg called out streamers like Johnny Somali and Fidias who have filmed themselves seemingly breaking the law and harassing locals all while using their status as foreigners to try and dodge consequences.

In response to his video and the buzz surrounding it, known nuisance streamer Johnny Somali (Ismael Ramsey Khalid) threatened a lawsuit claiming his comments were defamatory.

Somali most notably entered construction sites, harassed women, and antagonized Japanese citizens by bragging about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all for the amusement of his audience.

While it’s accurate to say that Somali hasn’t been officially banned from the country, he will be compelled to identify as a convict when traveling to Japan in the future and will hopefully be denied a visa.

Due to a weak Yen in the global economy, disrespectful tourists have been flocking to Japan, leaving trash and impeding traffic while treating the country like a theme park.

Japanese officials are being forced to intervene as tourists continue to disrupt the daily life of the country’s citizens.




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