Peter Molyneux’s blockchain game Legacy to launch next month

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Gala Games have announced the release date of Peter Molyneux’s “blockchain business sim’ Legacy. It’s set to launch through their platform on PC on October 26, 2023.

The previously announced game garnered a lot of attention and money back when it was revealed a couple years ago. Likely thanks to the mix of Molyneux’s name being attached as well as the massive trend of blockchain titles at the time.

Lately, the trend has lost a lot of steam and cryptocurrency, which is usually considered tied to it regardless of actual relation, have seen drastic lows compared to the highs at the time of the original announcement.

While the game isn’t out yet, those interested can purchase “land” using Ethereum or GALA through OpenSea. The latter of which is Gala Games own type of cryptocurrency. In terms of USD, prices range from $47 to $11465.

Legacy will be the first game by Peter Molyneux and his development studio, 22cans, since The Trail: Frontier Challenge, which released back in 2017.

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