NFT Gaming Platform Legacy by Peter Molyneux Earns Over $54 Million

NFT Gaming Platform Legacy

Peter Molyneux, veteran game developer behind games like Populous and the Fable series, has launched NFT gaming platform Legacy, a wildly bizarre crowd funding campaign involving a virtual recreation of London where players can purchase digital plots of land.

Molyneux’s new NFT gaming platform Legacy uses the aforementioned NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrency, and is being co-developed with blockchain gaming company Gala Games alongside 22cans, Molyneux’s studio. Within a week players have invested over $50 million into purchasing over 4,500 digital plots of land.

Legacy stands to function as a VR chat style MMO with a cryptocurrency platform sort of hybrid experience. The currency itself is ran on the Ethereum blockchain and is named Legacycoin, and offers NFTs of various things like 3D dioramas of cityscapes. It can be used to run virtual businesses in the game that can potentially bring forth real life returns of investment.

The game mechanics will function with a ‘moral choice’ type ethos (via The Verge) that’s been prevalent in all of his previous games. Certain events will occur in-game that will sometimes pit players against each other via moral quandaries that urge them to be more nice to each other to turn a bigger profit margin.

As cheesy as the concept sounds, it oddly could work. Personally though, the NFT inclusion angle makes me a bit nervous and I’m not very knowledgeable of them outside of bored monkey memes that people repost on social media, all just to mock the idea of NFTs themselves.

22cans elaborated on how the concept of it is to make a “company town” style of game that essentially could allow players to turn it into a real life job. Again, it’s styled to be a building simulator mixed with a virtual component to a real company.

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You can check out Legacy and partake if you like via your web browser of choice over on its official site.

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