Patlabor EZY will appear in a special screening next month


Originally announced in 2017, Patlabor EZY is an upcoming media project. The world of Patlabor is a near-future mecha show set in a Japan where industry is led by the use of mechanized suits designed to perform work called Labors. The original series follows a special vehicles unit of the police which is specialized in Labor-related crimes.

The upcoming Patlabor EZY has been a mystery ever since it was announced; we’re not even 100% sure it will be an anime at all (though it likely will be). What is known is that mecha designer Yutaka Izubuchi from the original series is on staff as director.

It’s speculated that the series will be a reboot, especially since the “near-future” of the original Patlabor now the past; the original series released in 1988 and took place in the “future” of 1998-2002. But we’ll finally get a first look at the new series in an upcoming special screening in Japan which might finally show us some actual footage or animation.

For those who want to get a more thorough look at the franchise, we reviewed the original Patlabor anime here! (We recommend it!)



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