Palworld PlayStation version teased by its developer


Developer Pocket Pair is seemingly teasing a PlayStation release for their smash hit monster collecting game Palworld.

The news comes from developer Pocket Pair’s head community manager, Bucky, who posted quite a blatant tease on his personal Twitter/X account:

This could be grasping at straws here but the three hearts in the first line correspond to the colors of Windows PC (Black), Xbox (Green), and Mac (White). The rest of the message adds a blue heart, which corresponds to the official PlayStation color – Blue.

It remains to be seen if Palworld actually comes to PlayStation consoles, as Microsoft has been heavily involved with the game and its runaway success on both PC and Xbox consoles. It’s worth mentioning Pocket Pair’s previous game, Craftopia, is still only available on PC and Xbox.

Despite being limited to only Windows and Xbox consoles, Palworld has raked in tens of millions of players and are ready to roll out the game’s first big update, “Sakurajima,” later this week on June 27th for both PC and Xbox consoles.

The new update will increase the game’s level cap, add new Pals, a new PVP mode, a new raid, a new faction and boss, and an entirely new island. The new update will also bring with it the much-demanded dedicated servers for Xbox consoles, something fans have been asking for since its global launch.

Future updates for the game are planned to add more demanded things like crossplay between the Steam version and the Xbox version (the Xbox and Microsoft Store version do have crossplay), building system improvements, Xbox feature improvements, and even server transfers/migrations.

Palworld was released back in January 2024 for Windows PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game has also been on Xbox Game Pass since day one.



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