Palworld Entertainment established by Sony Music Japan, Aniplex, and Pocket Pair

Palworld Entertainment

Sony Entertainment Japan along with subsidiary Aniplex have announced along with Palworld developer Pocket Pair a new joint venture called Palworld Entertainment.

The new jointly established company announced this week will concentrate on Palworld-related merchandise, according to Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe.

Palworld’s first merchandise will debut on the Bilibili World Tour 2024 in Shanghai on July 12, on a dedicated Palworld booth.

While plans for a PlayStation port of Palworld is yet to be confirmed, the fact that Aniplex, an anime company was involved, could soon help with a plans for a Palworld anime.

Palworld is a 2024 videogame about monsters called Pals, and is released to great reviews in the first quarter of 2024. It earned controversy for being allegedly similar to Pokemon, a charge that Pocketpair denies. Palworld recently got a new Sakurajima update.

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