Owlboy dev reveals new game Vikings On Trampolines

Vikings On Trampolines

Owlboy developer D-Pad Studio have announced their next game, Vikings On Trampolines, and it’s yet another pixelated adventure.

The new arcade-y game will feature up to four player cooperative adventures, battling, and naturally boss battles. There will be an adventure mode you can take on solo or co-op, versus mode, and more unconfirmed modes to unlock.

D-Pad is infamous for being perfectionists and not releasing games until they feel ready, with Owlboy starting development in 2007 but not releasing finally until 2016. Vikings On Trampolines has been in development in 2011ish, so with the full reveal at Gamescom 2022 it can’t be that far away.

Vikings On Trampolines is set for a release on Windows PC (via Steam) and D-Pad Studio also plans on releasing it for consoles.

Here’s the first trailer, via IGN:

Here’s a rundown for Vikings On Trampolines:


And they’re all about trampolines! Stay on the trampolines and push your opponents off to claim victory.

Breathtaking pixel art, a catchy soundtrack and pick-up-and-play controls; Get ready for a crazy adventure!


  • TEAM UP OR GO HEAD-TO-HEAD – Brawl against your friends or work together to save the kingdom. In Adventure Mode you’ll meet big bosses, big minigames and evil balloons..?
  • SINGLE-HANDED CONTROLS – Play solo or local multiplayer for up to 4 players! Unlock new stages and modes as you play! Best of all – intuitive controls let you play the entire game using one hand only! Enjoy your favorite beverage with the other!
  • BALLOONS ARE EVIL – Four vikings must rescue their spellbound king from the bad Balloonie and his henchmen of balloons. Bounce through a world of fun challenges and bosses to save the king and his stolen toy animals.
  • STAY ON THOSE TRAMPOLINES – Use your trampoline skills to battle your friends using a variety of items across diverse stages in Versus Mode.
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