Over 16 Million “Tales of” Games Sold

As if you haven’t already become inundated with enough “Tales of” news, there’s a quote coming from Namco Bandai that says they have moved over 16 million copies of the long-running niche RPG series. This is impressive, considering that at one time the Tales series was considered an archaic, unchanging relic that refused to make the move into modern gaming the way Final Fantasy did.

These sales numbers were taken from the over 100 countries in which the series has been localized, and while some may complain over the missing chapters western gamers haven’t received yet (Many fans still boycott the series due to anger over the PS3 Vesperia debacle), you have to wonder if these recently released sales figures will change the way Namco Bandai handles the Tales games in the west.

Debuting in 1995 for the Super Famicom, Tales of Phantasia was the very first game in the series and was, due in large part to its voice-acted intro, one of the system’s most advanced games. Tales of Xillia, the latest release in the Tales saga, sold over 1 million units worldwide and is a well-regarded hit. This bodes well for fans of the franchise who are now no doubt eagerly awaiting both Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Xillia 2, due out next year.

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