Omega Labyrinth Life Rated for Windows PC in South Korea

The Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) of South Korea have rated Omega Labyrinth Life for Windows PC.

Looking at the GRAC official website (and relying on machine translation) we can see the game was rated on November 20th, and received a grade of “Youth Not Available”. This is not surprising, given the game’s sexual-focused nature; including expanding breasts as characters level up, turning magical crystals into items by rubbing them between a character’s breasts, and “intimate scenes” the player interacts with by tapping various parts of the image (usually the girl in a compromising position).

The biggest questions now is if the game will make it to Steam (or even the Epic Game Store), as Steam has had an unclear relationship with adult or otherwise mature sexual content.

One developer on October 28th 2017 confirmed they were no longer allowed to post any information regarding uncensoring patches on Steam. On May 18th 2018, many adult game developers received messages from Steam, stating they needed to remove adult content from their games or have them removed. The day after it was explained this was an error– as all adult games were being re-reviewed.

Valve then stated on June 7th 2018 that it would “allow everything” on Steam other than “trolling” or illegal content. On July 16th, developers claimed Steam was working on a new adult filter system. Nonetheless, visual novel Hello Good-Bye was banned even after patching the game appropriate for all ages. “HunieDev” also confirmed that HuniePop2 would be censored on Steam, while heavily hinting at an uncensoring patch being available.

Will Omega Labyrinth Life come to Windows PC uncensored one way or another? Sound off in the comments below!

Omega Labyrinth Life is out now on PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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