Old School Runescape launches new ambitious quest

Old School Runescape

Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire is Old School Runescape‘s newest quest, is promising to be the game’s most ambitious quest to date.

You can read more on Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire below:

When you think about RuneScape’s most iconic quests, there’s a pretty good chance the Mahjarrat story will be one of the first to come to mind. While Guthix Sleeps, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and indeed, Desert Treasure, are regularly considered some of the finest quests ever made. Now, all these years later, we’re finally revisiting those epic stories with our own take on the legendary Mahjarrat.

Earlier this year, we made our first foray into the Mahjarrat storyline with Secrets of the North, but that was nothing compared to the might of this next instalment. This is a story we’ve been wanting to tell for years, and it’s only through your tremendous support for our past storytelling efforts that we’re now finally able to do so.

We’ve made sure to honour the deep legacy of the Mahjarrat storyline, whilst also pushing the boundaries for storytelling in Old School like never before. Whatever you might be expecting, you’re probably not ready for this. This is the one where everything changes. So, from myself and the rest of the team, it’s an honour to be able to finally share Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire with you.

Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire promises to be a tough challenge even for veteran players, with the developers advising players on hardcore characters to attempt it on a regular character first.

The quest has some hefty requirements as well, so if you are late when it comes to progressing through Old School Runescape‘s content, you better get to it fast!

Old School Runescape is available on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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