OG Fortnite – All Skin Mashups and OG Skins available

OG Fortnite Skins and Mashups

Fortnite‘s new season is a massive homage to itself, bringing back old skins but also creating unique mashups based on their most iconic visuals.

Players who weren’t there since the beginning may be a little lost, so we decided to showcase all skins, as well as their origins.

Below you can see all OG Fortnite skins available, as well as the new skin mashups:

Spectra Knight:

The Spectra Knight is a homage to one of the first Fortnite skins, the Red Knight. The Red Knight has become one of the most iconic Fortnite skins ever, due to its status as an OG.

The Spectra Knight can be fully customized, by changing their helm, colors, patterns, and more, making it a fitting homage to the Red Knight skin.

Lil Split:

Lil Split is one of the many visuals inspired by the Peely skin, which eventually turned into one of Fortnite‘s most famous characters.

Lil Split is exactly what his name says, a banana split, and he’s possibly the best Peely visual released to date, featuring a colorful ice cream outfit, as well as loads of sprinkles.

Renegade Lynx:

Renegade Lynx is the first skin mashup found in the OG pass, being a mix of the Season 1 Renegade Raider skin and the Season 7 Lynx skin.

The skin comes with three variations, which can be unlocked by progressing through the OG pass.


The last skin of the OG pass is also a mashup, but weirdly not of any Season 1 skin.

The Omegarok skin mashes up the technological aspects of the Omega skin with the viking-inspired aesthetics of the Ragnarok skin, from Season 4 and Season 5, respectively.

It’s weird that the last skin on the OG battle pass isn’t exactly that much of an OG, but still, it looks fantastic.

Raven Team Leader:

Unfortunately not present in the OG season pass, instead being a store item, the Raven Team Leader is also a mashup of two iconic skins.

The Raven Team Leader is a new skin that combines the Season 3 Raven Skin with the Cuddle Team Leader Season 2 skin, making for a cute and dark new mashup skin.

Chapter 1 Skins:

Various Chapter 1 skins are being sold in the Item Shop, as well as loadouts used by famous Twitch streamers. At the moment  the shop only features a single category called “OG Favorites”.

As of right now, the skins and packs being sold are as follows: Nevermore Hearts Pack, Red Knight, Ninja’s OG Locker Bundle, Bugha’s OG Locker Bundle, Scarlet Defender, Recon Expert, and Cloaked Shadow.

Well, there you have it, those are all of the OG skins and skin mashups currently available in OG Fortnite. We can’t wait to see what new skin mashups will show up next.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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